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I enjoyed this a bunch - nice level design!


This is a nice twist on the sokoban mechanic. The "YES" and "NO" messages are fun in the beggining when you are still confused to what is happening. But at the later levels it gets really annoying to get a message and annoying sound each time you make a wrong move and try to think. 

Many levels are well designed and feel really rewarding to solve. However, some of the levels are late in the game, yet very easy, almost like I found unintended solutions...

All in all, good job. Nice Game!

Hey Ove, thanks for taking the time to comment. I like the initial idea of the game, but it's true that I didn't manage to keep it interesting in later levels. I think discovering the rules is interesting, but there are still some issues in the overall idea of the game. I think it becomes more annoying than fun in the long run.

I might revisit this idea under some other form eventually.